Brunswick Letting

Information for Landlords

Making life easier for landlords

At Brunswick, our primary objective is to streamline and simplify the letting process for our landlords. As experienced property and tenant managers ourselves, we deeply comprehend the intricacies involved and thus endeavour to provide firsthand guidance and share our extensive industry knowledge. Our comprehensive assistance ensures that landlords effortlessly navigate through the process, fully adhering to all legal obligations and requirements associated with being a landlord in today’s landscape.

Hard questions

Our unwavering commitment lies in reducing vacant periods for our landlords, and we exercise caution in selecting responsible tenants for each property. We consistently ask ourselves, “Would we entrust this tenant with one of our own properties?” This stringent approach ensures that we prioritise the best interests of our landlords and maintain the highest standards of tenant selection.”

Expert property portfolio management

Brunswick boasts a robust property portfolio, primarily built through personal recommendations. Our clientele includes both individual landlords with single properties and investors seeking ongoing property management and strategic advice to optimise their returns and expand their portfolios.

We take pride in our ability to attract clients based on our reputation and expertise, offering comprehensive services that cater to their unique needs and goals. Contact us to discuss how we can help take the stress out of managing your property portfolio.